Natural Thai cosmetics for face, body and hair care. Thai cosmetics is made on the basis of natural herbs, fruits, and other natural ingredients, which are so rich in the nature of Thailand. Creams with collagen, with mucin snails, snake creams, with hyaluronic acid and whey based on fruits and plants - a pledge of beauty and youth of skin of the face and body.

Herbal shampoos and fruit masks mean for combating dandruff, with hair loss from Thailand.

Scrubs with mangosteen, noni and other fruits, salt scrubs - for beauty, purity, and health of the skin.

  • Body

    To keep the skin in good condition, you need to use deep cleaning regularly. Thai peeling and body scrubs, soaps, shower gels, oils contain only natural ingredients, fruit extracts, herbs, flowers, blooms in its composition. Body treatment helps to remove the stratum corneum, thereby stimulating the process of cell renewal, improves the penetration of the skin moisturizers and nutrients, leaving the skin smooth. Due to the unique composition of body care products based on natural ingredients, you get a powerful tonic effect on the entire body. Your skin will be supple and elastic, away dry, the body will be fit and sexy.

  • Hair

         If you have ever been to Thailand, you probably noticed what shiny and thick hair of Thai women. The secret of the beauty inherent in the very nature of Thailand. All beauty products for hair care products made ​​from natural ingredients - oils, extracts from plants, fruit, seaweed. The recipes for masks and means for washing and hair care passed from generation to generation, preserving the beauty and shine of Thai beauties to old age.     In our store you will find everything you need so that your hair get volume, shine and health.

  • Face

    The woman's face is a business card. It is always visible to all, no matter people want to look at or not. The aging of the skin, double chin, freckles, acne and "crow's feet", the dark circles under the eyes and skin pigmentation, external factors and weather changes. Every woman, regardless of age and social status, always have reasons for the disturbance. In this section of the site every woman will find useful means to care for her skin. Stay beautiful!

  • Makeup

    Cosmetics are designed to complement the natural beauty of women, and it should not have harmful effects on the skin, cause allergies and irritation. Naturalness is the main advantage of Thai cosmetics.

    In the composition of each cream, tonic, eyeliner, lipstick, carcass - ingredients of natural origin. This extracts of herbs and extracts of exotic plants, aloe vera, fruits of noni, coconut oil, mucin cochlea, collagen. These natural ingredients contain a huge amount of vitamins, which nourish the skin, contribute to the natural recovery of cells.
    The color palette of shadows, lipsticks, blush is very wide. The shades are juicy, bright, but not flashy. Thai decorative cosmetics is extremely stable. After all, in a hot tropical climate, it is difficult to keep makeup from morning to night in a normal way. With cosmetics from Thailand, it is possible.
    Absolutely all cosmetics are of the highest quality and affordable price.

    Besides the decorative properties, Thai cosmetics take care of the skin, help get rid of skin defects, can cure many skin problems, such as acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

    Cosmetic care gently cares, protects, smooths the skin tone, which is very important for smooth and beautiful makeup.
    As for lipsticks, carcasses, shadows of blush, here, you will find the magnificence of flowers, the softness of textures, the richness of flavors and impeccable quality!

  • Toiletries

    Natural Thai toothpaste with extracts of various herbs perfectly whitens teeth, while not erasing enamel, safely removes tartar, strengthens the gums, regulates acid-base balance, prevents the development of caries, freshens breath, helps to cope with a number of other problems.

    Thai deodorants are distinguished by natural ingredients that can hold unpleasant odors for a long time, effectively destroying bacteria.
    Thai Deodorant Crystal is ideal for both men and women. It has no smell, does not leave traces even on black clothes, but this for a long time destroys the unpleasant smell of sweat.

    The main difference of natural Thai soap is its composition. To make Thai soap use natural vegetable oils and alkali. Thai soap does not contain chemicals. When creating such a soap, manufacturers minimize thermal and mechanical processing, which allows preserving the maximum of useful substances contained in the original plant components. Natural soap not only cleans the body - this is its first priority, but also saturates the skin with useful substances, making it healthy and beautiful.
    The natural ingredients that make up Thai soap help to fight with different problems. Mangosteen, being an antioxidant, rejuvenates the skin and helps treat acne. Black sesame at the same time serves as a beautiful gentle scrub and saturates the skin with vitamin E. Tamarind and turmeric have antibacterial properties and help fight acne. The natural Thai soap, which includes honey and milk, is especially good for skin. Turmeric regulates the work of the sebaceous glands and is suitable for problematic skin.

  • Whitening

    What if the color of your skin is far from ideal? Pigmented spots, freckles, irregularities, traces of acne and scars - Thai natural bleaching cream for face and body will help!
    The whitening effect in Thai bleach is achieved with Kojic acid, Arbutin, fruit acids, tamarind extract, turmeric and other natural supplements.

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