To keep the skin in good condition, you need to use deep cleaning regularly. Thai peeling and body scrubs, soaps, shower gels, oils contain only natural ingredients, fruit extracts, herbs, flowers, blooms in its composition. Body treatment helps to remove the stratum corneum, thereby stimulating the process of cell renewal, improves the penetration of the skin moisturizers and nutrients, leaving the skin smooth. Due to the unique composition of body care products based on natural ingredients, you get a powerful tonic effect on the entire body. Your skin will be supple and elastic, away dry, the body will be fit and sexy.

  • Oils

    In Thailand, beauty and massage oils are used for application to the hair and skin in order to achieve a therapeutic, relaxing, toning, moisturizing effect. This improves the structure of the hair and skin, normalize the lipid metabolism and cell regeneration.

  • For shower
    For shower

    Natural Thai gels and shower creams are a real bliss, perfectly combined with the benefits to skin health. Softness, rich palette of exquisite aromas from flowers and fruits of Asia. Moisturizing and velvet cleansing foam - all these are given gels and shower creams from Thailand, made from natural plant extracts.

  • Scrubs

    If you want to have silky, well-groomed and smooth skin, in the arsenal of your body cosmetics, there must be a scrub. Thai body scrubs have high-performance natural ingredients in their composition, due to which they possess the following action:

    • thoroughly cleanse the skin of dirt, dead cells;
    • stimulate blood circulation;
    • increase the elasticity of the skin;
    • improve the efficiency in the fight against cellulite.

  • Lotions and creams
    Lotions and creams

    Thai natural creams and body lotions are a rich nourishing cocktail, based on plant extracts, cosmetic oils, and other natural ingredients. Creams and body lotions from Thailand do not have harmful ingredients and dangerous chemical additives.

    A blend of unique natural ingredients makes the cream from Thailand not only incredibly tender but also deliciously fragrant. Pleasant aroma relaxes, gives a good mood, enveloping a fragrant cloud from head to toe.

  • Slimming

    Cosmetics for weight loss is the most important tool in the fight against cellulite and excess weight. Special Thai natural creams, gels, whey, tightening the contours of the body are indispensable in cases where fat deposits accumulated in certain places or other ways to combat excess weight have not had the desired effect.

    An invaluable help in the fight against the problem of cellulite is able to provide special body cosmetics from Thailand, which has active ingredients of natural origin.
    The use of natural cosmetics from cellulite significantly improves metabolic processes, accelerating blood circulation and ensuring a rapid supply of active substances deep into the skin.

    Thai cosmetics for weight loss contains macro and microelements, minerals and bioactive components, pepper, oils and herbs that have a powerful effect on the skin.

    Thai cream from cellulite removes excess fluid from the tissues, relieves puffiness and reduces visible signs of cellulite. Improve the structure of the skin, make it more elastic and smooth. The release of fat is activated, i.e. Split it and remove it from the body.

  • Hand and Foot
    Hand and Foot

    Since there are almost no sebaceous glands on the skin of the hands and feet, the skin needs special care.
    Thai natural creams for hands and feet have a light consistency and have a highly effective effect, due to which they provide:

    • deep nutrition, moisturizing of delicate skin of hands;
    • rapid healing of abrasions, cracks, wounds;
    • protection of the skin from airing, UV radiation, exposure to chemicals and temperature extremes.

    Natural cream for hands and feet from Thailand have in the composition essential amino acids and fats, which gradually restore the lipid layer of the skin, softening it and removing irritations. With Thai creams, caring for the hands and feet becomes a real pleasure.

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