The woman's face is a business card. It is always visible to all, no matter people want to look at or not. The aging of the skin, double chin, freckles, acne and "crow's feet", the dark circles under the eyes and skin pigmentation, external factors and weather changes. Every woman, regardless of age and social status, always have reasons for the disturbance. In this section of the site every woman will find useful means to care for her skin. Stay beautiful!

  • Acne

    Facial cleansing, washing, and daily care, remedies for acne.

    Effective and gentle cleansing is one of the main cosmetic procedures our skin needs.
    One of the most popular cleansers is rightly considered to be foam for washing. Natural foams and gels for washing are the best means for cleaning with different types and features of the skin. Thai natural foam for washing is saturated with active ingredients and vitamins.
    In the makeup of acne contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial components that help get rid of pimples. Choose a suitable caring cosmetics for face and body skin will help our review.

  • Creams and Serums
    Creams and Serums

    Anti-aging products, snail creams, snake creams, collagen, herbal and fruit creams.

    Thai natural creams and serums for the face will give a luxurious care. Rich composition, unique formula and organic active complexes will significantly improve the skin condition of the face, smooth wrinkles, moisturize. Thai cosmetics are made exclusively from natural ingredients. A gentle aroma of essential oils, floral waters, and plant and natural extracts, will transform the procedure for caring for your own face into a pleasant, easy, relaxing exercise.

  • Masks and Scrubs
    Masks and Scrubs

    Masks, facial scrubs based on herbs and fruits. Snail, collagen, snake masks, and scrubs.

    Want to have a fresher and radiant complexion? Or maybe you dream of turning back time? Thai natural scrubs and face masks not only return the radiance to the skin but also give it softness and smoothness due to the content of special plant components, collagen, snail mucin, hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients. Relax and give this time only to yourself!

  • Lip care
    Lip care

    Lip balms and creams

    Modern Thai natural lip glosses and lip balms not only protect lips from dryness and scaling but also effectively nourish and moisturize, fight against premature aging of the skin, are an excellent base for lipstick and even increase lips.

  • Eye Creams
    Eye Creams

    Anti-aging creams and caring for the eyes.

    The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the skin around them is a reflection of the unfavorable influence of the external environment, bad habits and, alas, the lived years. No matter how much you want to prolong youth, the appearance of wrinkles is inevitable, and it is the delicate and delicate skin around the eyes that suffer first. Thai creams and whey based on only natural ingredients will be indispensable helpers in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes.

    Quality Thai anti-wrinkle means around the eyes effectively take care of the dermis. They prevent wilting, slow down the aging process, wrinkles disappear, the skin becomes more radiant and elastic. If you need to urgently bring your face in order, then it is better to use a serum and a mask against wrinkles around the eyes. These drugs are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients. Therefore, the effect of their use is noticeable after the first use!

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