Phyllanthus Amaris (Chanca piedra)

Phyllanthus Amaris (Chanca piedra)

Thai traditional medicine based on herbs and medicinal plants. Among them are well-known to Europeans turmeric, garlic, safflower, and there are those who are just starting to gain popularity throughout the world as a more effective natural medcine which going to replace synthetic drugs.

I want to talk about the unique medicinal plant Phyllanthus Amaris, also known as Phyllanthus Niruri, Chanca Piedra, Quebra Pedra, Stone-breaker, Luk Tai Bai. Among the inhabitants of tropical regions of the Americas and Asia Phyllanthus Amaris is known as a cure for fever, jaundice, colds, problems with the liver and kidneys. In Ayurveda, this herb is known as Bhumiamalaki.

Phyllanthus Amaris, Phyllanthus Niruri - an annual herbaceous plant species of the family Euphorbiaceae, which includes a range of biologically active components. The effect of this complex on the human body are not yet fully understood. However, in recent years as a result of comprehensive research, scientists have concluded an outstanding performance as a philanthropic saxifrage hepatoprotector, which has no analogues among existing medicines. Luk Tai Bai not only protects, but also successfully restores liver cells affected by the disease and poisoning. No less remarkable effect Bhumiamalaki has kidney stones and gall bladder, loosen and completely taking them out of the body. Moreover, Phyllanthus extract several studies showed suppression of HIV-infected and tumor cells.

Indications for use:
1. Hepatitis B
2. Cirrhosis of the liver, including alcoholic
3. Chemical poisoning
4. Cholelithiasis and nephrolithiasis
4. Malaria, fever
5. Diabetes
6. HIV
7. Various tumor

Luk Tai Bai effectively fights with many dysfunctions of the body, while not having a negative side effect.

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