Biorhythms and Thai cosmetics

Biorhythms and Thai cosmetics

All of the processes occurring in the body are subject to circadian biorhythms. For the maximum effect of cosmetic procedures every woman needs the exact times of the organism activities. After all, no matter how expensive and wonderful face mask is, but if it is applied at the wrong time, it can turn out to be useless and will not lead to the desired result, but on the contrary may significantly worsen the condition of the skin, causing irritation and swelling.
So, at night, from 11 pm to 4:00 am our body rapidly updated. It is at night our skin is able to absorb the best night cream that you have caused in the evening. Try to get some sleep during those hours and then waking up in the morning, you will see in the mirror rested and fresh face. If you have to work at night or you simply is nocturnal, I want to assure you that sooner or later you will have problems with the skin.

The earliest morning from 4 to 6 o'clock your body awakens. All his powers are activated. Intensively allocated cortisol, a hormone that causes people who had awakened at this time of day, feel active and capable of productive work. Cortisol inhibits the moisture in our skin and adrenaline allocated under its influence promotes vasoconstriction, thereby worsening the circulation and blood flow in the skin. The most effective at this time will be a contrast shower with a refreshing invigorating gel and a light moisturizer. Gymnastics and facial massage would be also useful.

Unwanted time to wake up is seven o'clock in the morning. Ideally, it is best to do an hour earlier or an hour later. For our body is quite complex time period. The body woke up and began to intensively produce stress hormones, quickens the heartbeat and dispersing blood through the body, but in the tissue metabolism has slowed. Waking up just at this time working women are often faced with the problem of edema of the eyelids and face. Here you can advise only one thing - try to correct the situation with contrasting compress.

From 8 and 10 o'clock our skin is at its peak of activity, whatever you did not inflict on the face, absorbed instantly and will bring the best results. At this time, the metabolism is very high. If you apply for an active anti-aging face cream, the result is very good. It is in these very productive hours plan to visit beauty salon or enjoy intense treatments for face and body at home. Clean your face, apply a scrub, exfoliate dead skin cells. After that use day cream. In the same way you can please your body using perfumed body scrub. You can then use a cream to tighten the figure. Of course, for women who work every day such a possibility appears only at the weekend, but even if you take care of themselves at least once a week, and most importantly carry out all procedures at the right time, your skin will look great!

From 10 to 12 o'clock some shine appears on the skin. It is the time of the sebaceous glands' activity. During this period it is best to use a refreshing tonic or a soothing lotion. These remedies will help to remove the shine from the face, refresh and protect your skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

After noon until three in the afternoon, our skin is tired, all metabolic processes in the body considerably slowed down, the pressure is lowered. This is the period of the minimal activity. Our body becomes immune to any procedures, so no action to improve the condition of the skin will have a proper result. You should not assign dates for this period of time because the skin is not the best way, wrinkles more noticeable, pores are dilated, the face looks tired. But during this period you can treat the hair. Between two and three hours in our body production of static electricity decreases. So you can wash your hair with shampoo and make a mask for hair. After this procedure, in this period of time, the hair will be the most obedient and beautiful styling for the evening is provided to you.

Well, between 15 and 17 hours our skin transformes and restores. If you are a lover of baths, it's the most wonderful time for purging. It was during this period the skin actively detoxifies and pores cleanses. Therefore, while in the steam room or arranging spa salon at home, do not forget about scrubs and face masks based on herbal ingredients.

17 to 20 o'clock. The skin absorbs oxygen. Take a walk in the park this time with your loved ones for about thirty minutes. It will be enough for the skin looking good. This period is also the best time for a massage and anti-cellulite treatments. At this time you need to plan any painful procedures, whether waxing or face cleaning. Sensitivity to painful sensations is smallest from 18 to 20 o'clock. This is a very favorable time for any action to care for their appearance. Your skin will accept all that you will please her with gratitude.

From 20 to 22 o'clock apply a night cream. Its use is required for women after 30 years old. In the evening there is an active skin cell renewal. Pick a night cream suitable for your skin type and use it every day for an hour before going to bed. If you have found your night cream suitable for you in the type and age, that having put it in that period of time, all the nutrients contained perfectly absorbed by the skin.

After 21 o'clock our body begins production of serotonin - the hormone of sleep, so all procedures for cleansing and nourishing must be finished up to 22 o'clock, otherwise there is the risk of waking up with facial swelling. Cream applied later be useless ballast on the skin.

Only loving himself women tend to know a million ways to be beautiful at any time and just loving yourself, she understands how much effort it costs. Now you know what is impact of our biorhythms on how you look during the day. Now you can use this knowledge not only in everyday life but also the most crucial moments, when you want to look attractive most of all. In our store you will find any means to maintain the beauty of face and body at affordable prices.

All cosmetic products in our store are based exclusively on natural ingredients.

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